I have been a working electric bassist in Northern and Southern California since the 90's. I have played with a wide variety of acts, including Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus, The Mark Harrison Quintet, The Temptations, The Coasters, and The Shirelles. Additionally, I have played on many Broadway and regional theatre shows, as well as several demo and album projects.

I am versed in a wide ranges of styles, including Jazz, Rock, Pop, Country, Funk, Blues, R&B, Latin, and Musical Theatre. My main interest as a bass player is laying down a solid groove and creating a firm foundation for the rest of the ensemble.

I am available for live and studio projects of all kinds, including album projects, demos, casuals, and  theatre shows. I can also record bass tracks from my Pro Tools equipped home studio.

Below are some clips of my past bass work: